Night at Bariloche and Angostura

A night at the Lake

An unforgettable experience to live. In this program we propose to spend a night in a point of the lake that can only be reachable with a boat, far away from Bariloche and Villa la Angostura, only accompanied by the sounds of the nature.

The program is adapted to the passenger’s requirements and to the time of the year. During the day we can organize any of the activities previously described. At night is time for the adventure: we look for a calm point of the lake to stop and spend the night, we prepare a special dinner, we sleep, and the following day we start to sail at dawn.

Bariloche or Villa la Angostura
Modality: Private
Duration: Depends on the option
Service: Depends on the option
Options: It can be combined with other activities. Please, ask for more information