cavalcade at Patagonia

Cavalcade at the other side of the Lake

The Nahuel Huapi has a surface of 550 km2 and Villa la Angostura and Bariloche occupy just a little of its perimeter. Then, in some parts, there are little fields where the descendents of the first inhabitants settled down at the beginning of the twentieth century.

We sail and cross the lake towards the house of one of these families and with the guide of one of them, we start a cavalcade through a native forest at the food of the Andes. We go into unaltered places, where only birds and animals interrupt the tranquility of the environment. Finally, the cavalcade ends with a deserved reward: an Argentinean barbecue to share and continue learning about this place.

Villa la Angostura or Bariloche
Modality: Private
Duration: Depends on the option
Service: Depends on the option
Options: It can be combined with other activities. Please, ask for more information

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