Bariloche and Angostura bays

Bays and shores of the lake

Bariloche is located in the south of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and Villa la Angostura is in the north part. The existence of both cities is thanks to this lake. When sailing the bays and shores we can have a different perspective of this entire region, understand the geography and look at the different mountains around.

The trip can be done from Bariloche or from Villa la Angostura. With the company of the captain who explains about various features of the area, we sail and visit the different bays of the lake while seeing some stunning picturesque views. To savor the moment, enjoy a cold beer, a good glass of wine and a plate of cheese and cold cuts.

Bariloche or Villa la Angostura.
Modality: Regular or private
Duration: 2 hours
Service: Cold cuts, beer, wine and beverages
Options: It can be combined with other activities. Please, ask for more information

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